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This Video Ngoc Will Review The Swatches For The Series 3 Brown Shell Of Bbia Last Lipstick With 5 Tones To See The Difference With The First 2 Series Offline. This Series Has No Breakthrough In The D
This video Ngoc will review son bbia the swatches for the Series 3 brown shell of Bbia Last Lipstick with 5 tones to see the difference with the first 2 series offline. This series has no breakthrough in the design of the cover but when the lip and the lip is really surprised Ngoc. Son Bbia Series 3 has absolutely no smell so if you do not like the smell of cosmetics this is the perfect choice then!
On the previous 2 series Bbia Last Lipstick color is quite popular and suitable for many people in the third series color is more special.
The above is my share about the 5 colors of Bbia Last Lipstick Series 3. If she want to testify the damage of the words of Ngoc, why not try to buy a child right?
Download link swatch table to look carefully at the girl:
Natural makeup tutoring to go to school:
How to make beautiful pink tone makeup go:
Western burgundy tone makeup tutorial:
Summer orange tone makeup tutorial:
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♥♥ The girl wants to Swatch Swatch son in the next video, then remember the comment below for the jade know. !!!
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► W:
► G:
► E:
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